Wooden Boxes Sydney with Wooden Box and Crate Co.

At Wooden Box and Crate Co., our customer centric approach ensures our clients’ needs are paramount throughout the decision-making process. Expertly fabricated by our skilled team using advanced techniques and technologies, our quality wooden boxes and wooden crates sydney are crafted to deliver your goods to their destination in pristine condition.

Fully enclosed, our wooden storage boxes are an affordable packaging choice crafted from superior materials and innovative fabrication methods. Working alongside businesses in the domestic, commercial and logistics industries, our team of committed professionals will recommend the optimal transportation packaging option to meet the needs of your consignment and goods.

Used as a method for transporting goods for centuries, the resilient construction of the humble wooden box provides both a reliable and economical solution for consignments of all sizes.

Wooden Boxes

At Wooden Box and Crate Co., our focus is firmly on the customer/client experience and product quality. We strive to manufacture high quality storage and shipping solutions including crates, pallets and wooden boxes in Sydney for national use. As Sydney’s preferred supplier and manufacturer our storage and shipping boxes provide:

  • Resilience: Our timber option provides a strong, impact resistant packaging solution designed for weight bearing goods. Offers great thermal properties.
  • Durable: A multifunctional storage option, they can be repurposed for a variety of uses. From home décor and display cases to the more traditional long term storage of goods.
  • Stackable: Exploit limited space and storage areas with our stackable containers. Designed to stack neatly on top of each other, they are space efficient when shipped as part of a larger freight consignment.
  • Environmentally friendly: Timber is a recyclable and eco-friendly material, eliminating pollution and environmental aggressors commonly associated with plastics and specific varieties of cardboard.
  • Cost-effective: Competitively priced, our high-quality pallets and storage solutions are an affordable alternative.
Confidence and Crates

At Wooden Box and Crate Co., we bring to market a variety of options, all fully customisable to meet the needs of your business. With an emphasis on attention to detail, our expert manufacturers craft with precision meeting Australian standards for both quality and safety. We set high standards within our business, assessing your load weight, dimensions, value and the characteristics of your goods. We ensure you can store and ship with confidence with our wooden boxes .

Providing additional security measures against the elements, we also offer water resistant materials to protect from water damage, please consult with a member of our professional team for further information.

For Wooden Boxes Sydney

From pallets, to boxes and crates, discuss the needs of your business with a member of our team. We look forward to ensuring the success of your business. Call our Sydney office on (02) 9618 1999.